Swing gate motor companies in Lagos And Abuja Nigeria ?


 Ducati Gate Motors: Ducati also manufactures gate automation systems, including swing gate motors,sliding gate motors
While Ducati is primarily known for motorcycles, they have a presence in the gate automation market as
well. Contacting Ducati directly or their authorized distributors could provide more information on
availability in Lagos.Ducati sell following gate openers:

Sliding Gate Motors

Slide 743

Slide 843

Slide 1043

Sliding Gate Motors: Sliding gate motors are designed for gates that slide horizontally along a track

Swing Gate Motors






 Centurion Systems: They are a well-known manufacturer and supplier of gate automation products,
including sliding gate motors. Centurion Systems products are widely available through distributors in

 Nemtek: Although primarily known for electric fencing solutions, Nemtek also offers gate automation
products, including swing gate motors. They have distributors in various regions, including Lagos.
 Nice Automation: Nice Automation is another prominent manufacturer of gate automation systems.
They offer a range of swing gate motors and related accessories that are available through local
distributors in Lagos.

 Local Security Equipment Suppliers: Many local companies in Lagos specialize in security equipment
and automation systems. They may carry a variety of gate motors, including swing gate options.
Examples include companies like Movicom and Halogen Security.

 Online Directories and Platforms: Utilize online directories such as Google Maps, Yellow Pages Nigeria,
or local business listings to find specific suppliers or distributors of gate automation systems in Lagos.

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